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Almo Construction Logo Almo Construction, Inc. provides a broad range of services such as, architectural and structural design, kitchen and bath remodeling, addition, custom home, restaurant and coffee shop, office space and any commercial building, estimating, budgeting, zoning and code compliance, bid packaging, engineering and status reporting, as well as certificates of occupancy and warranty programs.

At Almo Construction Inc., we are far more than a builder. Our comprehensive suite of development services brings your Bay Area dream home from concept to reality, creating lasting value for your real estate portfolio. At last you've found it - the rare opportunity to live in a home inspired by none other than you. Relax while we guide you through the journey.


The two greatest resources we bring to projects are the extensive network of professional relationships we've cultivated over the years, and our staff. Our experience gives us the knowledge to find, qualify, and supervise the finest local craftsmen and best quality materials, enabling us to build each project to the standards required by very discriminating clients and designers. And, with the establishment of Almo Service, be assured that our commitment to our work continues long after we hand over the key.

A collaborative process, with good communication between client, architect and sub-contractors, is key to achieving our highest goal-client satisfaction. Our process often begins with a preconstruction phase and preliminary estimate, providing a first look at construction costs and challenges. The next phase involves a thorough discussion of budget and design considerations, the development of the project schedule, evaluation of methods and materials, and a preliminary analysis of details and finish choices. Throughout every project, we provide alternatives and recommendations as it progresses, in order to keep the job on track, and to anticipate and solve problems before they happen.